The Museum of the Bizarre

Cape Fear Serpentarium and The Museum of the Bizarre

Historic downtown Wilmington, NC, offers plenty of attractions for both visitors and residents. Two out of the ordinary attractions are conveniently located next door to each other in downtown Wilmington. The Cape Fear Serpentarium and the Museum of the Bizarre are located on Orange Street between Water and Front Streets.

The Cape Fear Serpentarium living museum exhibits an amazing collection of more than 100 species of snakes, many of them poisonous.

Cape Fear Serpentarium

Cape Fear Serpentarium exhibits more than 100 species of snakes at its living museum.

The 10,000-square-foot facility features 54 displays, including the rare and deadly Bushmaster and Black Mamba snakes, a 250-pound 23 foot-long python, a 15 foot-long king cobra, Nile crocodiles, a dragon-sized monitor lizard, Komodo, and much more. In addition to the wide range of animals, kids are fascinated by watching as the reptiles are fed.

The Serpentarium is open seven days a week with hours that vary by season.

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The Museum of the Bizarre is adjacent to the Cape Fear Serpentarium.

Gracie the two-headed calf from The Museum of the Bizarre in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Gracie the two-headed calf is on display at The Museum of the Bizarre in downtown Wilmington.

The museum, which opened in early 2015, has an ever-growing collection of Civil War items, movie props, and local history. And that’s before you get to all of the bizarre oddities.

See the Crystal Skull of Knowledge, the Fort Fisher Mermaid, Alexander Hamilton’s hair, Goat Brothers heads, a Bigfoot imprint, Houdini’s Ouija board, a chupacabra hand, unicorn horn, mirror maze, laser vault challenge and more!

Each Halloween, the Museum of the Bizarre puts on a spooky haunted house that’s a must-see for fright fest lovers. The Museum of the Bizarre is also a great bargain: admission is just $3.00.

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