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Platypus & Gnome Restaurant

Platypus & Gnome is a new restaurant in downtown Wilmington NC

Platypus & Gnome. Yes, it’s an unusual name. What’s the story behind it? The food, of course. The name is simply your first notice to expect an experience like no other. Owners Matt and Mary Danylec turned their world travels into an eclectic menu with their own twists. Their changing array of international flavors is served in one of downtown Wilmington’s most beloved buildings.

The neighborhood has many fabulous spaces, but few excite foodies more than 9 South Front St. The circa-1899 building has hosted bakeries, dry goods stores and restaurants. At Platypus & Gnome, grand picture windows broadcast sunlight onto an open layout fitted with a striking stone, wood and metal bar. Rustic tables line the front window. Wood floors ensure you feel at home while local artwork keeps you in step to the urban beat. Escape to the mezzanine lounge and look down on the scene or sit outside in the middle of the street-side action. No matter which part of Platypus & Gnome you choose, plan to dig into lively flavors like Peruvian ceviche vibrant with citrus, herbs and fresh seafood. Cumin and paprika season Moroccan meatballs, or kefta, served with apricot couscous. At lunchtime, the kefta land atop flatbread with greens and aioli. Local ingredients and live-fire cooking give dishes wonderful depth of flavor, as do house-smoked and house-cured meats. Candied bacon crowns the chicken and waffle panini. Waffles serve as the sandwich’s bread. House-smoked turkey packs the turkey sandwich.

The bar serves classic and signature cocktails, including drinks that incorporate local craft beer. One is the IPA Manhattan in which the beer’s hoppiness replaces bitters normally used in the drink, an idea definitely worth a toast. Drink specials are available several days each week.

For more information visit Platypus & Gnome on Facebook.

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